Whingey PMs to Admins

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Whingey PMs to Admins

Post by kiwigeo » Thu Apr 11, 2019 6:22 pm

A note to all members. If another member is annoying you with something they've said and it's not abuse or any other content that contravenes the forum rules and guidelines....please don't send whingey PMs to the forum Moderators telling us how upset you are and that you're going to quit posting on the forum. Jeremy and myself have enough on our plates to keep us flat out busy without having to waste our time massaging member's bruised egos. Most of our members have worked out that you need at least moderately thick skin at times when you lurk around this forum.

I would also like to remind members that we are a mix of professional and amateur luthiers on this forum. For you pros...please be prepared for what might seem like silly questions from the amateurs and be patient if at first they don't "get it". For the amateurs......please learn to distinguish someone sharing their immense knowledge from someone who's simply being a smart arse know it all. To date I haven't come across any members who fall into the latter category.


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