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MusicWood Documentary

Post by Alaska Splty Woods » Thu Jun 20, 2019 1:46 pm

I stumbled across this today after doing a search about something else. I had forgotten about it.... Anyway, I believe it was in 2008 when a small film crew and producer of "MusicWood" was on POW Island and came to our humble shop. I spent 1/2 day with them showing them all the different soundboard types, Block that logs where split up into for re-sawing into products, and also demonstrated cutting[Dissecting] a large block into various products that the block would yield. Anyway, I signed a contract of sorts and the movie/documentary was produced and released a year or 2 later. Only the slightest mention of ASW disappointed me. Especially since we are the only larger size producer of soundboards in the world that uses only salvage sourced old growth from The Tongass. Bob Taylor talks the talk, but does walk the talk, except for the Ebony from Africa that he has financial interest in. But he, and many, so easily turn their back on the Last Ancient Stand of Old Growth Temperate old Growth RainForest in The US... "The Tongass" Over 16 Million acres in total, and after just 60 yrs, SO MUCH OF the Old Growth eco-system is Gone! The forest isn't gone, it grow back. But it is changed and no longer an old growth forest eco-system, and won't be for at least 1000 years. Though it will take on some old growth characteristics in 200 yrs. Anyway Alaska Specialty Woods uses only Salvage sourced old growth, and we have a very large inventory of nearly 1 million Board feet of large diameter log to process into soundboard products, and the facility to do it. And a Warehouse that is Costco like for soundboards. Here is the trailer to MUSICWOOD.
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