Vox electric guitar neck

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Vox electric guitar neck

Post by blackalex1952 » Mon Dec 02, 2019 5:58 pm

Vox electric guitar neck restoration
The Vox necks at the time were made, I believe, in the Eston factory. I have no idea what glue was used but it didn't respond well to heat. The issue was an up bow in the neck, attempts in the past by other "luthiers" had not really worked, mainly the reduction in fretboard thickness a refret and lots of fret grinding in the middle of the fingerboard. I decided to remove the rosewood board and replace it as well as seeing what was underneath. So it can be seen from the pictures here that two steel bars were glued side by side in the truss rod channel. They were so heavily rusted that the rust growth had caused the back bow. Solution: a two way truss rod and a new fingerboard. An expensive fix for the customer but in my opinion the only way to go! Posting as a reference for others. A rusty rod is a risk for sure!!!cheers! Ross
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