Western Hemlock as brace wood

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Western Hemlock as brace wood

Post by Andos » Mon Feb 17, 2020 8:07 pm

I ordered some sitka tops from Alaska but (stupidly) didn't order any brace timber. The old piano sound board i was going to use is not very well quartered, so Ive been hunting around for an alternative and came across western hemlock.
From the Wood Database its not to far off sitka.
Density 465 kg/m3
Youngs. 11.24 GPa
MoR. 77.9MPa
And realitively speaking, not to expensive.

Unless someone has any horror stories about it that they'd like to share I'm going to try it as the only other alternative I can come up with is to make an i beam sandwich with cf and either balsa or pawlonia on each side. And that sounds like a headache I can do without!

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