Tone Bars

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Tone Bars

Post by TallDad71 » Wed Sep 02, 2020 6:19 am

There is very little discussion about the use and importance of tone bars in a Steel String X-Brace system. All I read is that they are important and useful, that people make them in all sorts of angles, sizes and shapes.

Somogyi states that the X-Brace design primarily seeks to curtail Cross Dipole vibration and promote Long Dipole, as opposed to Fan-Bracing which does the opposite. Is it safe to assume that Tone Bars are there to do the same, to inhibit Cross Dipole vibration.

Gore tells us that the most interesting guitars respond well to many different frequencies as this helps it to have a more colourful timbre. Is it safe to assume that the angled Tone Bars assist with this as they make the top asymmetric, leaving some areas stiffer and liable to react to higher frequencies?

Any links would be great if you have them.

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