Modal Tuning with Trevor Gore Question

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Modal Tuning with Trevor Gore Question

Post by JurgenV » Wed Feb 21, 2024 7:33 pm

I´m thinking of going on a longer trip to the US during a sabatical and saw that Trevor is holding a course on modal tuning during October with Robbie O´Brien.
As I already build quite a few guitars (7) following the BOOK I´m wondering if I will be able to learn more than I already have using the books. Is there someone in the forum who aready attended a course by Trevor and who would be able to tell me if there´s some benefit to do this if you´re no newbie to the topic?

Dave M
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Re: Modal Tuning with Trevor Gore Question

Post by Dave M » Sun Feb 25, 2024 4:03 am

Jurgen I can't reply directly to your question but I can say that I purchased Trevor's video course on tap testing and acquriing sound spectra using VA and found it extremely useful. Far more detail than the book could give. So I would expect a course given by Trevor in person to be equally more informative. And of course you get to ask questions!

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Re: Modal Tuning with Trevor Gore Question

Post by johnparchem » Sun Feb 25, 2024 6:40 am

I took Trevor's model tuning class after reading The Book and incorporating much of what I had learned into my build process. I also at the time I took the class had built a lot of guitars with the processes I developed after reading The Book. I found the class very rewarding. It was well structured, a combination of lecture and hands on. I would recommend it.

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