12 frets cutaway in Blackwood/Redwood

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12 frets cutaway in Blackwood/Redwood

Post by Valben » Sun May 13, 2018 8:08 am

Hi All, this is my first post here, hopefully I will get it right :D
This my last built :
- 12 frets to body with cutaway
- Blackwood B&S
- Figured Redwood soundboard
- Mahogany neck
- Amazon Rosewood fretboard with Brazilian rosewood bridge
- Maple bindings

I built this girly guitar for my niece with narrow neck, reduced string spacing and extralight construction (redwood helps :D )
It sounds really awesome with 12 gauge strings tuned 1/2 step down.

I have also recently completed a 12 strings cutaway, will post pics in future.

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Mark McLean
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Re: 12 frets cutaway in Blackwood/Redwood

Post by Mark McLean » Thu May 17, 2018 5:50 am

Hello, and welcome to ANZLF. Those are a couple of nice instruments that you ahve shown us. Very well put together. The redwood and blackwood combo looks sweet. It is a timber pairing that I haven't seen before but I imagine that it would go well for an acoustic.

I notice a couple of unusual features of your build. A zero fret - which is something that I like to use, but don't see many others doing. And I notice you didn't do that with your reso.

The second thing is the pinned bridge with nylon strings (I presume they have ball ends?). This is something I have thought about, because tie-down bridges give me the shits. Would you recommend it? Thanks for showing us your work. You are obviously thinking about your builds a lot, and it is nice to see things that take an individual path and go a bit away from the conventional plans.

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Re: 12 frets cutaway in Blackwood/Redwood

Post by Valben » Thu May 17, 2018 9:12 am

Thanks Mark, glad you liked my creations. I usually spend a good amount of time/energy during the design phase and when selecting the combinations of woods.
The Custom Giulia actually uses Martin Silk & Steel strings with solid brass pins. I decided to install a zero glide nut in combination of brass pins and Silk&steel strings to provide clarity and brightness in combination with the extralight redwood top which enhance the low frequencies.
I am very satisfied with the resulting sound quality and I am considering to use the zero glide nut as standard with the next builds . Cheers

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