A Sassafrass tenor ukulele

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A Sassafrass tenor ukulele

Post by mooshalah » Sun Jan 15, 2017 5:53 am

Hello again, forum members.

This is the second of six ukuleles I'm posting on the forum.

The soundboard is of a species of spruce - but I've forgotten which;
The back and sides are off-cuts of a particularly stripy slab of Sassafrass that I'm keeping for a few guitars;
The fingerboard is of Blackwood;
The bindings are of Jarrah, from a deck of mine that rotted, and needed to be pulled down;
The neck is of Queensland Rose Mahogany;
The shape of the headstock is that which I tend to use on instruments when I run out of inspiration. It's sort-of my default signature;
The instrument is finished with Rustins Danish Oil. I don't have any facilities for spraying, and it's easier and quicker than the brush-on nitrocellulose finishes that I usually use (as on the previously posted Ancient Kauri ukulele). It's very satisfying, on a small instrument like this;
The bridge shape is a shameless crib of one of your lovely bridges, Allen!

See you at the next post of a Blackwood ukulele.

Sassafrass G.jpg
Sassafrass F.jpg
Sassafrass E.jpg
Sassafrass D.jpg
Sassafrass C.jpg
Sassafrass B.jpg
Sassafrass A.jpg

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