One good thing about the lockdown

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One good thing about the lockdown

Post by Andos » Fri Apr 17, 2020 1:50 pm

The garage that I use as a workshop has just evolved with little thought about layout. Over the years of very amateur luthiering it's degenerated into a messy crap storage area with little to no workspace. You have to climb over piles of crud just to get to the bench. As that is piled high with even more crud, you've got to push if all out the way before you can even think about building anything.
And the result
You can't get anything to line up because to see properly you trip over the crud at your feet and you can't move box because of the pile next to it.

Clean up time!
Two days just to find the floor
3 more days to sort the good stuff from the crud
Another 2 days to sort what goes where and rearrange things.
I've still got to sort through the boxes of tools and miscellaneous bits and pieces but a least I have a workshop I walk around in. The machines down one end with the dust extractor, the hand planes next to them. All the wood stacked in one area, away from the machining side. Nothing on the bench except what I'm working on.

Oh what bliss
1 day to get
Two soprano ukes, backs glued, sides and tops ready for sizing.
A concert and tenor uke backs in the glue frame, sides sized.
Normally would've taken me a week of swearing and frustration.
It even takes less time to sharpen the plane blades and they finish sharper.
And cleanup afterwards - 5 minutes and it's ready for the next day.
I don't why I put up with it for so long!

2 matai soprano's. Backs, tops and 1side

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