Freq resp of my 1st falc/live back med SS

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Freq resp of my 1st falc/live back med SS

Post by stanleywolf » Fri Jan 03, 2020 10:08 am

I’ve finished the box (walnut back & sides Sitka top; 490x390). No finish and no bridge. I tap-tested it with and without a styrofoam plug (see attached photos)
Unplugged: T111 108; T112 201; T113 (weak) 232 LD? 397; CT? 451
Plugged: T111 197; CT? 450
Monopole mobility of the top is 26.7 x 10-3 (No bridge attached).

The questions are: Does this look appropriate? Should I make any modifications now or just move ahead to finish the neck and add the bridge? Should I perhaps thin the top move to bring down the T11s (The top is currently 2mm at the very edge.)? Should I thin the back some to enhance coupling and increase the size of the T113 peak?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Stan

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