More Thoughts on Spectra with VA

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More Thoughts on Spectra with VA

Post by Dave M » Mon Aug 17, 2020 2:41 am

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Having rewatched Trevor's video on Sprectrum analysis and wanting to improve my technique I have been revisiting the use of VA.

First I went and downloaded version 9 as Trevor suggests. One big advantage over the 2011 one I had been using is that you don't get the scope picture coming up and have to dismiss it. You do not get the cursor to help pinpoint the peaks but that's not a big deal.

I also realised when testing a fairly responsive classical that damping the strings as I used too like this:

that I could hear quite a lot of string resonance going on. So having noted Trevor's technique I did this:

One has to damp the strings with the fretting hand as well as Trevor shows.
Looking carefully at the spectra, although the main early peaks were the same you could definitely see some differences in the higher frequencies so this is clearly a better way of doing the damping.

Still can't get the photos where I want them but you will get the picture.

Cheers Dave
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