List of tests... hoping I have it!

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List of tests... hoping I have it!

Post by davidafterwork » Sat Aug 29, 2020 1:50 am

Hello all
I am doing my first TG guitar ( l have used the 2nd book a LOT and it’s great but very nervous of the whole test thing..) and wouldn’t mind if someone could check my list below and correct me if I am missing anything??
1 Thickness the panels ( I am happy with this now and thanks to the help from the guys here I now have my own spreadsheet so I have both back and top braced now and sides in mould)
2 Test the uncoupled back main resonance when the back is glued onto the sides and trimmed.
Any tips on where it is held etc and I assume it is out of the mould??
3 Check fully coupled Helmholtz when box is closed
4 Check Top
5 Check back ( tapped where?)

I am taking the 2nd part of these tests from 12.6 in book 2 when box is closed and intending to use the targets there for my 00 size guitar. Just don’t want to miss anything as there’s a lot of info spread over both books.

Thanks again!

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