Luthiers Lounge Casual Event - Beers, Tunes and Bowls.

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Luthiers Lounge Casual Event - Beers, Tunes and Bowls.

Post by Willsguitars » Sun Jan 21, 2018 11:59 pm

Hi Everyone,

We’re putting together a casual get together for all the Luthiers in the Melbourne area, regional Victoria and indeed Australia-at-large to come and hangout, have a low key beer, bring some instruments you’ve made, play a few tunes and have a chat.

There’s a reasonably good PA system at the Fitzroy Bowls Club ( and on the 4th of feb and the 4th of March we will be gathering there to hang out and talk shop.

We’re hoping you can join us, hoping you will bring some instruments you’ve made and wondering if you would like to get up on the microphone and play a few tunes and/or address the room regarding some of your building techniques, problems, solutions or simply voice a few things you’ve been pondering regarding guitar making in Australia.

Please feel free to call for me for a chat, forward this email to whomever you feel would benefit from the afternoon and make any suggestions you feel might be of assistance to the community. It’s an open room.

Pat Evans will be doing a few sets along with other builders and players including myself.

If your not comfortable playing, feel free to nominate a player to exhibit your guitar while discussing the instrument with the room.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



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