4.6.7 Neck cross sectional shape

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4.6.7 Neck cross sectional shape

Post by GregHolmberg » Sun Feb 18, 2024 2:26 pm

I couldn't find any threads about this section--I guess no one has implemented these formulas?

Here's a Google Sheet for neck cross sectional shape, as in section 4.6.7. Look at the sheet labeled "back".

You may make a copy and modify it for your purposes.

I wasn't sure how to smooth over the transition by taking a moving average, as done in the book.

I guess the trick with this spreadsheet is scaling the chart to print out the right size, and also get the vertical and horizontal proportions right. I'm not sure how to do that accurately.

This spreadsheet also has a sheet for the fretboard conical radius, "fretboard", and a sheet for nut/saddle compensation, "third" (example for the third string).

I'm working toward a complete geometry modeling of the neck.

Hope this helps someone.


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